In My Tapping Place

by Geekelele

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Dedicated to the Grand Empress of Sci-Fi, Amanda Tapping.


When I’m sad,
And I’m down,
I look to you.

Your hair’s blonde.
No, it’s brown.
Which one’s true?

With a gun and fatigues,
You can bring my enemies to their knees.
I feel safe next to you,
In my Tapping place.

When I’m scared,
And I’m lonely,
I think of you.

Cause you’ve dealt with aliens,
And monsters,
And Richard Dean Anderson.

In a skirt and some heels,
You can bend all the wills
Of the heads of state from all around the world.
I can face anything with your help,
In my Tapping place.

Grand Empress of Sci-Fi,
Watch over us.

As a Brit,
An American,
In space,
Or on a submarine,
You can do anything, it seems.

Oh, wait, you’re Canadian?
That’s ok.

In my Tapping place.


released January 3, 2012
Lyrics, Vocals, Ukelele - Rebecca Davis




Geekelele Greenville, South Carolina

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